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1Sharptool    Edge Service

Elaine - "Thanks again for my knives and kitchen shears.  I tried one of the knives and it cuts beautifully."

Steve - "Congrats for all your work to make an amazingly successful fundraiser.  I mean-wow!  I must say I'm surprised and in awe at how successful it was.  Major high fives!!"

Casey - "Let's do this again... Brian was very professional and pulled it off without a hitch."

Sandy - I just had my best pruner and some scissors sharpened at a fundraiser for the Art Center and I'm very pleased with the results.

Elaine - BEST knife sharpening EVER. On-site service is SO convenient. My kitchen knives & scissors are better-than-new AND my yard tools are one again able to perform. Thank you, Brian!

Cathrine - I am so thrilled. You did a great job! I just feel so wonderful about my knives and scissors. Thank you.

Shelly - I'm delighted with my "new" pruners and appreciate your work!  Thanks so much!

Steve - The knives are great...thanks!

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